Loss aversion also commonly known as the ‘prospect theory’ is the psychological theory that we would rather avoid the enduring pain of a loss than the pleasure of a win.

In theory, it is favouring not wanting to lose something over actually winning something. There are so many common day-to-day examples of this theory, personal possessions being one of them. Not wanting to let something go because of the fear of ‘losing’ it rather than it having any sort of gain.



According to the latest research by eMarketer, Ad spend in the UK will shift drastically to Mobile between 2015-2017. Mobile Ad spend has seen significant growth in recent times increasing to nearly £2.26 million (an increase of nearly 90%). This figure is up from approximately £1.19 billion compared to the previous trading year of 2013.

As this Mobile Ad expenditure continues to see further accelerated growth with increased consumer Internet usage being on mobile platforms and tablets, Mobile Ad’s are set to increase to further that of newspapers and traditional forms of Advertising, this year. Mobile Ad’s will account for 15.1% of total media spend this year. This figure merely overtakes newspapers, which will be 13.8%.