cloud.IQ Research: 70% of Brits abandon online shopping carts

If you’re anything like us, when you’re buying stuff online – particularly something that costs more than a few quid – you want to talk to someone as part of the transaction. As the adage goes, people want to do business with people.

To explore how this affects people’s purchasing behaviour, we decided to survey 2,000 UK consumers, through independent pollsters, OnePoll. The results are in and should make interesting reading for anyone who sells products or services online. Retailers, take note…

23% of consumers said they backed out of a purchase as they were unable to speak to the retailer. Overall, seven in ten (70%) UK internet shoppers abandon sites prior to purchase, with women 7% more likely to abandon an online shop than men.

When it comes to bigger ticket items (valued at £50 plus), over half of online consumers (52%) say they are more likely to complete their purchase if the retailer offered to call them for free. Surprisingly, this number rises to two thirds for digital natives, who clearly still place an importance on direct contact with the retailer.

In Britain we spend on average £1,000 a year online so it’s crucial retailers make it as easy as possible for consumers to get in touch. And thanks to simple, affordable marketing apps like ours, this is now possible.

‘Callback’ buttons like our CallMe app  allow online retailers to place a button on their site that customers can hit when they want to speak to someone, maybe because they’re experiencing issues using a site or simply want to ask some questions. The Callback button then automates the Callback process – connecting an agent to the customer at no cost to the consumer. Crucially, it will do this immediately (or schedule for the next working day if the enquiry is out of hours) and will keep trying until a connection is made.

Callback buttons put the responsibility of contact back on to the retailer. Agents can listen to customers’ needs and concerns and pitch accordingly. They ensure the customer receives a response quickly – before they get the chance to browse to a competitor site.

Of course, sometimes a customer might start a transaction and – even if a Callback button is on your site - they may still abandon a purchase. If that happens then deploying CartRecovery is the fastest way to re-engage customers.

With our CartRecovery app you can automatically recontact these hot prospects via email, sms or your call centre. Re-connecting rapidly will trigger around 5-10% of your lost prospects to complete their purchase.

So, by putting in the extra effort to make your business as accessible to customers as possible, and using multi-channel cart recovery when needed, retailers can expect to see improved customer satisfaction and a real improvement in sales conversions.

cloud-IQ infographic - June 2013

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