If it weren’t for the speedy growth of the Internet, then a number of businesses would fail to even exist in this day and age. The World Wide Web is a huge advertising platform, which has allowed a massive number of online stores to revolutionise. Many of these companies boast nothing more than a warehouse and a website, yet they’re still able to generate a huge profit. 

1. Amazon.com currently stands as the number one ecommerce website in the world. It’s the 17th most visited website in the world and the number one online shopping destination. Last year alone, Amazon’s final revenue count reached £247 billion pounds. They also have over 33,700 employees working for them.


2. Ebay.com boasts some incredible statistics and at present, an impressive 17,700 employees run it. These employees look after both the posting website and the PayPal platform, as well as Gumtree.

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3. Overstock.com, an American brand, was initially less well off than it is now. In 1999 it collapsed, however, its remains were bought.  It was then rebranded and turned into the most prevalent shopping site on the web. Overstock gains 72% of its following from search engines as opposed to traffic.


4. Bodybuilding.com may seem like a strange entry, especially as it falls into the top five-ecommerce sites. Created by a 21-year-old entrepreneur, it’s now ranked as the 720th most admired site on the Internet.


5. Pixmania.com is rumoured to have lost over £10million worth of electrical products, it was even plagued by fraud allegations. However, it has worked its way back up the charts, and as well as its online platform, it now boasts a total of 17 showrooms.


6. Cafepress.com won the People’s Voice Webby Award in 2001 and has grown dramatically ever since, creating custom t-shirts, mugs and bags. In March alone, the website boasted a total of over 325 million products.


7. Play.com is now over 13 years old and is still going strong. Selling everything from electronics to books, and now also clothing, it boasts over 8 million items in stock.


8. Shutterfly.com specialises in personal publishing and social expression, producing prints, books, cards and stationary. They house almost six million unique visitors every month.


9. CDuniverse.com, at 15 years old, is the oldest entry to hit the top ten-ecommerce charts. They now provide more than 800,000 physical products; as well as more than 3 million downloads.


10. Net-A-Porter is one of the ten highest turnover ecommerce websites existing today. They’ve certainly found a niche in the clothing market, and aside from being the only fashion store on the list, it’s also the youngest ecommerce site. The website launched in June 2000 and now stands as a luxury purveyor with impressive packaging and unparalleled customer care. This year alone, the website has recorded massive sales well ahead of their forecast plan.

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